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Applications For Bentonite Powder In Piling

Posted by Admin on March, 15, 2023

Montmorillonite makes up a large portion of the extremely fine-grained clayey substance known as bentonite. Pilling-grade bentonite powder is a mineral that is mined. Our natural environment often contains two forms of bentonite: sodium- and calcium-based. Bentonite with a sodium composition is used to stabilize the soil.

To stabilize the sidewalls of the pile holes during piling operations, bentonite powder must be combined with water. To create a slurry that meets certain requirements.

Applications for Bentonite in Piling

For the pile to be of high quality and cost- and time-effective, soil stabilization is necessary. The ability of soil to be stabilized depends on its properties, particularly its cohesiveness and angle of friction.

Many Collapses That Occur During Pile Construction

Several forms of bore collapse have been seen during piling operations, and they are listed here.

During Pile Boring, Collapse

The diameter of the pile borehole expands sporadically during the pile boring process. As the borehole's dirt collapses, increasing the clear cover of the reinforcing bars. This has an impact on both the economics and the quality of the Pilling grade bentonite powder.

Overbreakage is to blame for this. More concrete will be poured into the pile bore than is necessary to fill the over-breakage volume.

Before Pouring Concrete, Collapse

If the side soils of the borehole collapse after cleansing the borehole and before pouring concrete into the pile bore. Loose muck will once more be deposited at the pile bottom, negatively affecting the pile's quality and end-bearing capacity.

During Concrete Pile Collapse

Certain soil pockets can form during concreting inside the build-up concrete. It might harm the pile shaft and reduce the pile's ability to support the weight.

What Causes Soil Collapse:

The following elements were crucial in the soil collapse.

Cohesiveness and friction angle.

the soil's weight.

pressure in the pores.


depth of the bore.

internal fluid of the pile bore.

Using Slurry Made Of Bentonite To Stabilize Soil

Only bentonite clay with a sodium composition is compatible with the soil stabilization method.

It is a clay mineral made of montmorillonite that swells when exposed to water.

Na+ is the sodium cations that can be exchanged in bentonite slurry. These cations (Na+), along with the cations produced in water by negatively charged ions. It is deposited on soil particles of the vertical cut surface of the piling borehole. It would form an electric double layer, resulting in stability of the vertical surface of the soil.

Under the electrical bonds formed as a result of ionization. The thixotropic feature of the bentonite suspension preserves the slurry's consistency.

Jell materials become fluid when there is turbulence or other disturbance in the suspension because this breaks the electrical connections. That would otherwise cause the suspension to solidify into a jelly under normal circumstances.

The loose dredging muck from the pile bore bottom must be eliminated by flushing with a new bentonite slurry. The necessary density after cage lowering and before the concrete is poured.

By employing a bottom sampler to collect slurry from the pile bottom and comparing the specific gravity. The new slurry is being pumped into the pile borehole. It will be possible to verify that the pile bottom has been cleaned.

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