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Benefits Of Using Clay In Your Dog’s Diet Regime

Posted by Admin on October, 03, 2022

As the name says, bentonite clay is a natural substance that has a nice soft and delicate texture to it. When it is combined in water, it makes a paste that has historically been used for its medical effects, as well as cosmetic. It consists of volcanic activities dating back millions of years and is mainly volcanic ash. Sodium clays do have industrial applications, but the animal feed bentonite powder that we refer to is based on calcium and may be taken safely.

Therefore, let's talk about bentonite clay and its wonderful skills:

Allergy And Skin Problems

Animal feed bentonite powder can soothe and cool internally and outwardly due to various skin problems stemming from immunological reactions and toxins.

Internally, bentonite clay, including candida albicans, has been shown to remove a lot of different bacteria and fungi that may cause skin problems. It may help to support and remove histamine from the intestine (histamine, we know, can generate severe itching and build up allergies to your pet) and clay can assist in maintaining the function of the liver and the kidney that is important when the aforementioned detox is necessary.

Digestive Problems

Clay can have a favourable impact on the digestive tract by increasing intestinal flora and removing undesirable pollutants from the digestive tract.


Clay can be a good addition to EPI's diet, particularly if the stools are bulky and disturbed. The pancreas is inflamed and the synthesis of enzymes is lower than intended by pancreatitis.

A montmorillonite clay study induced diarrhoea increased gut mucosal and animal digestive enzyme production.

Support For The Kidneys And Liver

Bentonite can truly support the function of the kidney and the liver. Two instances of how this can contribute.

Bentonite is a crucial support for renal illness, natural phosphate binder. Bentonite clay can substantially aid your pet to feel far better by enhancing appetite and energy levels because of the excess phosphates and urea that the kidneys do not reveal.

Immune Support

We know that bentonite clay helps digestion, which includes about 70 percent of the immune system. We are aware of excellent detoxification, but we also know of the association of cancer with bentonite. The development of human cancer cell lines U251 has revealed that bentonite inhibits (central nervous system, glioblastoma). The level of metabolic growth elements seems to be monitored by bentonite clay surfaces.


Bentonite aids in dehydration and binding of the intestinal parasites and then draws them away from the body. Clay could also be used outside to suffocate and destroy your pet's parasites. For a period of time, dry powder can be placed on the coat of the pet or wet clay pasted. It could get messy just to warn you, people.

Detoxification in General

Clay was always regarded as a detoxifier in the first place. In the end, because of its detoxification, it relieves many of the above problems. Bentonite clay is negatively charged and thus attracts and removes pollutants that are charged inherently positively.

Final Words

Bentonite Clay has high absorptive characteristics and is renowned in the cleansing of the intestinal tract for the ability to remove heavy metals, medication, allergies and other toxins in people and pets. Other advantages include eliminating pesticides, pollutants and heavy metals, as well as aiding digestion and curing many ailments, such as diarrhoea, arthritis, giardia, yeast, allergies, dental plaques and more.

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