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Why Bentonite Is Used As An Earthing Substance?

Posted by Admin on June, 29, 2022

Bentonite works as an earth electrode back-fill. The bentonite earthing powder is used to reduce the soil resistivity. The bentonite clay is sodium montmorillonite which can swell to several levels of its actual volume mass during the dry condition when you mix it with water.

The bentonite is electrically conductive and is used in earthing powder since it can act as a duct filling compound. You can use the product to backfill copper electrodes including cable trenches like the earth rods.

How is Bentonite Earthing Powder Useful?

The bentonite earthing powder can minimize the contact resistance by absorbing moisture from the surrounding soils. This in turn increases the installed copper earth rod size in the cable trench. By minimizing the earth rod’s earth resistance with moisture retention, the bentonite earthing powder can also offer protection from corrosion.

Bentonite’s Absorption Rates

Bentonite can absorb 5 times its original weight inside water. The moisture-retaining clay will swell to 13 times its dry volume. When the earthing compound is 6 times its original dry volume, it can be very dense. Plus, the earthing compound can also stick to surfaces and retain shape, since they are in a pasty condition.

When is Bentonite Earthing Powder is Suitable?

The bentonite earthing powder is perfect when you have to pour them inside the borehole. However, you have to be certain the mixture consistency is thin enough to get to the hole’s bottom.

What is the Benefit of Bentonite Earthing Powder?

Bentonite earthing powder reduces the earth’s resistance by offering effective ground enhancement. This minimizes the soil and earth electrode’s resistance like earth mats and copper earth rods through moisture retainment.

The earthing powder’s inherent power of rainwater absorption and retainment increases the earthing compound’s electrical conductivity. It increases the electrical conductivity in positive correlation to local weather, particularly average levels of rainfall.

Bentonite Compound is an Affordable Material

The Bentonite compound is an affordable material for earth electrodes’ backfill. It is also beneficial for enhancing the performance when it is difficult to drive earth rods both during complex ground conditions and driving them deeper.

How Backfilling is Done with Bentonite

The bentonite earthing compound can prolong the life span of earth rods and bare copper earth tapes when the soil or ground condition I either alkaline or acidic. The bentonite is also capable of retaining water which minimizes the grounding resistance by accelerating the surface contact area. Unlike other carbon-based backfills, the bentonite earthing powder doesn’t contain contaminants like sulphur that are harmful to copper.

What is the Right Way to Use Bentonite Earthing Powder?

The civil engineering contractor can use and install the bentonite earthing powder easily, thanks to its viscosity and plasticity. You don’t need to follow any accurate mixing ratios. The mixing ratios differ based on the local electrical utility and ground condition preferences. It might even vary based on the DNO engineering standards and resistivity readings.

You must mix the compound thoroughly with water and achieve an even consistency. The consistency should be in slurry-type form so it becomes easy to pour them into the cable trend, worksite or boreholes.

The bentonite earthing powder helps eliminate electrostatic discharge and protects sensitive equipment. The bentonite earthing powder from the bentonite earthing exporter is specially formulated for all types of soil compositions. The earthing material with bentonite as the primary ingredient is highly useful for electrical earthing.

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